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  • What are the requirements to take a dog/cat to Kenya?
    Check the "Permits, licences & passes" section of the website.
  • Where can you obtain tourist information on Kenya?
  • Are any vaccinations compulsory?
    No vaccinations are compulsory, with one exception: travellers over one year old arriving from Central & Western African or Central & Latin American countries where yellow fever is still endemic, must get a yellow fever vaccination. Taking malaria prophylactics is advisable, according to medical advice.
    Travellers can get more information from:
  • When is the rainy season, and should it be avoided when travelling?
    There are two rainy seasons, the “short rains” from mid October to December and the “long rains” in April to July, depending on the region. However, this should not stop tourists from visiting. Most of the road network in Kenya is all-weather and the rainy seasons provide an exciting addition to the African experience.
    For more information on the weather, check the Kenya Meteorological Service.
  • Can travellers take euros?
    Euros can be exchanged in all banks and bureaux de change.  Note that visitors applying for their visa upon arrival in Kenya must pay in dollars (check the "FAQs" on visas for the amount).
    For information on import/export of foreign exchange, check the "Practical information" section of the website.
  • How can travellers ensure that their Kenyan travel agent/hotel is bonafide?
  • Do minors not travelling with their own parent(s) need written permission from their parent(s) to apply for a visa or to enter Kenya?
    They do not need written permission to apply for a visa at the Kenyan Embassy in Brussels. However, it is strongly advisable to carry such permission when travelling to another country, particularly in view of the fight against child trafficking.
  • Can a Belgian/Luxembourg driver's licence be used in Kenya?
    Check the "Practical information" section of the website.
  • What are the requirements to drive a car/motorcycle to Kenya?
    Check the "Practical information" section of the website
  • Do we have any useful tips for travellers?
    Yes, we do:
    • Please remember that Kenya is situated on the equator and that, therefore, the sun is always strong, regardless of the time of year or the weather. Make sure you protect yourself (and particularly your children) against the sun, by putting on sunscreen frequently, and by wearing a hat and sunglasses.
    • You will be seeing a multitude of birds during your visit, so take a bird guide and binoculars with you. Of course, your camera should be equipped with a telephoto lens if you want to take good pictures of animals and birds, and for underwater photography you need waterproof equipment.
    • More useful tips in the "Practical information" section of the website