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  • A mirror image of the Kenyans for Kenya initiative in Antwerp Belgium 19/09/2011

    The Tropical Inn- Antwerp hosted a fundraising dinner in support of the ongoing efforts in Kenya deemed “Kenyans for Kenya” on 17 September 2011, to raise funds to mitigate the effects of drought and famine in the horn of Africa region. The restaurant owner, Mr. Ahmed a Kenyan in the Diaspora welcomed H.E the Ambassador, Mr. Kembi-Gitura, embassy staff, locals and tourists to African delicacies. The restaurant undertook a noble task to raise money for those suffering in the Horn of Africa states, particularly Somalia and Kenya, during this time of drought.  

    H.E the Ambassador thanked Mr. Ahmed for hosting the event and encouraged him and other Kenyans to continue promoting goodwill for his fellow citizens and brothers in the Horn of Africa.