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  • Kenyans invited to give input to draft bills on Citizenship laws. 18/08/2011

    Message from H.E. Ambassador Kembi-Gitura to Kenyans in Belgium & Luxembourg

    Dear Fellow Kenyans living in Belgium and Luxembourg,

    As you are aware, the Commission for the Implementation of the Constitution (CIC) was established with the mandate to monitor, facilitate and oversee the development of legislation and administrative procedures required to implement the new Constitution. In line with that mandate, the CIC welcomes all Kenyans in the Diaspora to give their input to the draft bills on the laws of Citizenship.

    The draft bills under consideration can be viewed on the Commission’s website. They include:

    • The Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Bill 2011
    • The Kenya Citizens and Foreign Nationals Management Service Bill 2011
    • The Public Finance Management Bill
    • The Elections Bill

    As these draft bills directly affect the Diaspora, your contribution will be greatly appreciated, and could very well make all the difference.