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  • HE Kembi-Gitura invites Kenyans in Diaspora to register as voters  18/08/2011

    Message from the Ambassador: Registration of citizens residing outside Kenya as voters and the progressive realization of their rights to vote








    Fellow Kenyans,

    As you are aware, Kenya made history on 27 August 2010 when the new constitution was promulgated. On that day Kenyans enthusiastically welcomed the new constitution and showed their determination for change.

    The Interim Independent Electoral Commission (IIEC) was created premised on the Constitution of Kenya (Amendment) Act, 2008, and since then it has accomplished several milestones. This demonstrates commitment and is a step forward towards a mature nation which places great importance on its people, the Diaspora and good governance. The overall objective is to integrate the Kenyan Diaspora into national development.

    As we embark on a journey of national renewal, we call on all Kenyans to support and play a crucial part in realizing a new and prosperous Kenya. In line with the new constitutional dispensation, the Interim Independent Electoral Commission is mandated to undertake continuous registration of citizens as voters, in and outside Kenya. In order to effectively map out voter registration centers nationally and internationally, we call upon Kenyans in Belgium and Luxembourg to voluntarily register with the Kenyan Embassy in Brussels, through the Diaspora Section of this website (check the menu on the left). This will provide a general picture of the Diaspora population, and enable you to make a valuable contribution for the development of our Beloved Nation and contribute to the entrenchment of democracy in our society.