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  • HE Kembi-Gitura addresses Bel-Lux-ACP Chamber of Commerce 04/03/2011

    Amb. Kembi-Gitura, Mr. Van der Voort & Mr. Vermeesch

    Amb. Kembi-Gitura was the Guest of  Honour at a well-attended luncheon organized by the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture Belgium-Luxembourg-ACP (CBL-ACP) at The Hotel (formerly Hilton Hotel) in Brussels on 25 February 2011. The Ambassador addressed the business community on the topic "Investment Opportunities in Kenya". Present at the highly successful event were Mr. Michael Van der Voort, Chairman of the CBL-ACP, and Mr. Maurice Vermeesch, Chairman of the East African Chapter of the CBL-ACP.


    In his address, the Ambassador outlined the importance of Kenya as an investment destination and her strategic location to the regional market, including the East Africa Community, COMESA and the wider Great Lakes Region. He also enumerated various investment opportunities available in Kenya, and invited members of the business community to consider their future investment in Kenya as they will be assured of good returns.

    The Ambassador also talked of the key role Kenya plays as the infrastructural corridor for:

    • The Lamu Corridor (Lamu –Juba – Moyale – Addis);
    • The Northern Corridor, linking Kenya with Uganda, South Sudan and DRC( East Province);
    • The Central Corridor, linking Kenya and Tanzania with Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Zambia and DRC.

     Members of the Chamber were also informed of incentives offered to investors in Kenya, such as repatriation of capital and profit, low tax regimes, respect to property rights and membership to international bodies to protect their investment.  The Ambassador also highlighted projects the Kenyan government is undertaking to improve the investment climate in Kenya.


    Amb. Kembi-Gitura & participant

    Mr. Oloo & participant