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Promulgation of Kenya's New Constitution 23/09/2010

The Embassy of the Republic of Kenya in Brussels hosted a ceremony to celebrate the promulgation of Kenya’s new constitution on 4 September 2010 at the Crowne Plaza Palace Hotel in Brussels. The ceremony was overwhelmingly attended by Kenyans living in Belgium and Luxembourg, who were enthusiastic to join other Kenyans in celebrating the new constitution.

Ms Betty Guchu addresses gathering

Ms. Betty Guchu, the interim chair of the Association of Kenyans living in Belgium and Luxembourg addressed the gathering and expressed satisfaction Kenyans in the Diaspora have in the new constitution as it contains provisions that are of specific benefit to them. She thanked Kenya Embassy in Brussels for hosting the function to enable them join other Kenyans in ushering in the new constitution.

The interim chair also used the occasion to introduce members of the interim committee of the Association and informed that they will soon be going round various cities in Belgium and Luxembourg to enlist Kenyans in the Association. She noted that the Association would provide a platform for Kenyans in the Diaspora to discuss issues of mutual interest or concern and also explore ways of contributing to Kenya’s development. She also informed that the process of registering the association is underway and they are waiting for it to be gazetted.

Amb. Kembi-Gitura addresses gathering

In his address to Kenyans present, H.E the Ambassador, Kembi-Gitura thanked Kenyans in the Diaspora for attending the ceremony. He informed that the passing of the new Kenyan constitution was a great milestone for the country and there was need for Kenyans at home and abroad to celebrate. He noted that the new constitution will affect Kenyans abroad directly particularly on issues of dual citizenship which bestows certain rights and privileges that hitherto they have not been enjoying. He thanked the interim committee of the Association for the close working relationship it has with the embassy and for mobilizing the Diaspora to attend the occasion within a short notice. He in turn invited all Kenyans living in Belgium and Luxembourg to register with the Association as well as with the Embassy.