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  • Warning: Fake evisa website 09/12/2016

    The Kenyan Immigration Department warns visa applicants against a fake website which has been designed to resemble the official website for online visa applications.

    The website,, fraudulently charges USD 120 for normal applicants (3 working days) and USD 130 for urgent applications (1 working day).

    The scam website has the following similarities to the official website:

    • use of the official eVisa logo at the top (banner)
    • Kenyan flag displayed prominently at the top
    • link to the official govenrment webiste (VISIT GOV WEBSITE) at the top

    Note also:

    • it does not display the webpage or company name anywhere
    • the disclaimer that it is not an official government website appears in small print at the bottom of the page


    The Government of Kenya is not responsble for any loss of revenue or unnecessary extra expenditure following the use of this fake website.

    • Click here to go to the official Kenyan government website for online visa applications.