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  • Terrorist Attack on Westgate Mall in Westlands in Nairobi, Kenya 25/09/2013

    On Saturday, 21st September, 2013 armed persons attacked Westgate Mall in Nairobi’s Westland area. The heinous act has so far resulted in 240 casualties; with 67 of them losing their lives, 62 remain hospitalised, while others including those who have been discharged from the various medical facilities they were admitted are receiving Counselling and psychosocial support. The terrorists in a bid to detract attention have also caused fire in a section of the building which has led to the collapse of three floors, consequently, trapping some bodies including the terrorists.  However, the security operation ended on Tuesday, 24th September, 2013.
    The people of Kenya and their friends at the risk of their own lives selflessly participated in the safe evacuation, transport to hospitals, blood donation and consequently, saving the lives of hundreds of people, children, women, young and old, for which we owe each and every one of them,  ‘thank you’. The fight against terrorism have to be won and Kenyans have resolved never to be intimidated, divided, fractured or reduced to a fragile community. The perpetrators’ evil designs have no space in Kenya.
    The Government of the Republic of Kenya is resolute on the need to contain the tragedy and terrorism in particular and has reaffirmed its commitment to fight all manner of extremism that promotes terrorism.
    The situation has been brought under control; all the floors to the expansive establishment are now under the control of the security forces. Security operations are still on-going with the objective of both apprehending or annihilating the perpetrators and also sanitising the entire facility.
    The President of the Republic of Kenya, H. E. Uhuru Kenyatta has reaffirmed the Government’s commitment to fight and defeat terrorism in all its forms. The President has reassured Kenyans, friends and partners that all parts of the country, entry points included, Sea and Air ports have been placed under heightened security and that Kenya is safe. Additionally, the Government has confirmed that all International Meetings and Conferences scheduled to take place in the country will continue and run as per the confirmed schedules.
    Since Saturday when the tragedy struck, Kenya has continued to receive messages of solidarity and support from foreign governments, organisations including the United Nations Security Council and the European Union. As a country, we are highly grateful for this show of support.  In addition, the Kenya Government lauds the extraordinary efforts and the commitment of the people of Kenya who have not only continued to offer assistance but also remained united and courageous against the cowardly acts. May I also take the opportunity to convey our heartfelt appreciation to our brothers and sisters who have commiserated with us in whatever form.  We value highly your continued support. 
    Helplines have been opened to link missing people with their loved ones.  Kenya Mission to the Kingdom of Belgium, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and Mission to European Union will be receiving similar messages through the Missions e-mail address – or the official telephone  and Fax numbers (+3223401040 or fax. - +3223401050).   A Condolence Book has been opened and available at the Embassy between 10.00 – 13.00hours and 14.00 - 15.00 hours daily as from Tuesday, 24th September, 2013 up to Friday, 27th September, 2013.
    Kenya has come under similar threats in the past but emerged even more united, strong and secure. With the strategic cooperation of the international community, Kenya strongly believes in a peaceful and secure world which is a prerequisite for the improvement of the welfare of mankind and this is not only attainable but a reality. The whole world therefore, must remain firm, courageous, united and never give room to those with evil desires by sacrificing values, dignity and ambitions at the altar of fear and cowardice. 
    Kenya Embassy
    24th September, 2013