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  • Vacancy for cleaning services 11/01/2013

    The Embassy of the Republic of Kenya to the Kingdom of Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is seeking the services of a cleaning firm to tend to its chancery, located at Ave. Winston Churchilllaan 208, 1180 Brussels.

    Nature of work

    The cleaning firm will be expected to provide the following services:

    • Complete cleaning of the offices, including furniture, floors, doors, windows and fittings;
    • Cleaning of the chimneys, drains, sewer pipes and roof gutters;
    • Taking out the garbage;
    • Maitenance and cleaning of the central heating system;
    • Maintenance of the electric system;
    • Maintenance of all terraces and the roof;
    • Cleaning of the parking area;
    • Taking care of the plants.


    • Own necessary tools, machinery, equipment and personnel;
    • Should have experience in the provision of similar services;
    • The quotation should contain the profile of the firm and costs for the services, exclusive of taxes.


    Interested firms may submit their quotations to reach the undersigned on or before 28 January 2013:

    Chargé d’Affaires, a.i.
    Embassy of Kenya
    Avenue Winston Churchilllaan 208
    1180 Brussels

    or email: