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  • Kenyan embassy plants trees in Brussels forest 20/03/2012

    H.E. Kembi-Gitura plants a tree

    H.E. Ambassador Kembi-Gitura and members of staff of the Kenyan embassy in Brussels attended the Sunbeams Tree Planting Event 2012, held on 18 March 2012 in the Forêt de Soignes / Zoniënwoud. The forest is on the outskirts of Brussels, the tree planting site being close to the castle of Groenendaal in Hoeilaert.  The event was dedicated to Professor Wangari Maathai, Kenya’s first Nobel Peace Prize laureate, who inspired the United Nations Billion Tree Campaign. Professor Maathai was the founder of Kenya's Green Belt Movement, which has planted more than 30 million trees in 12 African countries since 1977.

    group planting trees

    The tree planting event was organized by Sunbeams, a non-profit organization focused on bringing expatriates and Belgians together on nature and the environment. It is an international group of enthusiastic volunteers which provides practical information on how to live an eco-friendly lifestyle in Belgium.

    The first tree planted at the first Sunbeams forest in 2010 was dedicated to Prof. Maathai. This time, in March 2012, the Sunbeams tree planting event allowed participants to write their wishes on their trees. Several schools, embassies and expatriates participated in the event. The children of the bus accident in Switzerland were also remembered at the event.

    tree dedicated to Prof. Maathaiforest clearing





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