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A visa is required for entry by all visitors travelling to Kenya, including EU citizens.

The following exceptions apply:

  • Exemption from visa:
    • Holders of a re-entry pass to Kenya, holders of an EU laissez-passer (travelling on official business), aircraft passengers not leaving the international transit zone of the Nairobi and Mombasa airports, and certain other categories of persons. Click here for the list.
    • Citizens of countries whose nationals do not require visas. Click here for the list.
  • Gratis visa
    • Click here for a list of persons who are issued with gratis visas.
  • Referred visa
    • Click here for a list of nationals, including people with stateless/refugee status, who must apply for a "referred" visa, i.e. obtain approval from the Kenyan Immigration authorities.
    • Please note the specific application procedure (page 2-3).

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With effect from 27/05/15, the Embassy no longer accepts cash payments for visa applications.  Fees must be paid by Bancontact.  Credit cards are not accepted.

Application form & useful information

  • Click here to download "Information on types of visas & fees" (Types & frais de visa / Soorten visums & visumkosten).
  • Click here to download the "visa application form" (formulaire de demande / aanvraagformulier).  Kindly print the form on a single sheet of paper (both sides) and staple the photograph to it.
  • To download the "list of required documents" (liste de documents requis / lijst van benodigde documenten), click on:
  • The "list of required documents" applies to EU nationals.  It also applies to applicants of any other nationality which is not specified in the categories listed in the "exceptions" at the top of this webpage.
  • Vistors who wish to apply for an "East Africa" visa (valid for a joint visit of Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda) at an embassy of one of the three countries, must do so at the embassy of the first country of arrival.
  • With effect from/à partir de/vanaf 01/09/15:
    • Travellers who wish to obtain a visa upon arrival at the border are required to submit an electronic application beforehand
    • Les voyageurs qui souhaitent obtenir un visa à leur arrivée à la frontière sont tenus de soumettre une demande électronique à l'avance
    • Reizigers die een visum wensen te verkrijgen bij aankomst aan de grens dienen op voorhand een elektronische aanvraag in te dienen

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