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The Notice Board contains visa regulation updates and travel advice.

  • Applications by appointment only (Nov. 2015)
    Henceforth, all applications for visa and consular services are by appointment.
  • Online visa applications (Sep. 2015)
    From 01/09/15, applicants who wish to obtain a visa for Kenya can submit an electronic application.
  • No more cash payments (May 2015)
    The Embassy no longer accepts cash payments.  Payments for visa applications and consular services must be made by Bancontact (credit cards are not accepted).
  • East Africa tourist visa (Oct. 2014)
    Visitors wishing to visit Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda during the same journey may obtain an East Africa tourist visa, valid for the three countries for maximum 90 days (tourism purposes only).  
  • Nigerian nationals (Nov. 2013)
    Holders of Nigerian diplomatic passports no longer need a visa for Kenya (max. stay 90 days).
  • Chinese nationals (Sep. 2013)
    Holders of Chinese diplomatic and service passports no longer need a visa for Kenya while on official duties (max. stay 30 days).
  • Transit visa (Nov. 2009)
    Henceforth, a transit visa is valid for maximum three days (72 hours).

  • Rift Valley Fever