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You have settled in Belgium or Luxembourg, or will be spending a few years here during your study or your expat stay?  If you are keen to meet other Kenyans residing here, you can contact the associations below.  

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Kenyans residing in Belgium and Luxembourg who wish to contribute their views on how Kenyans living abroad can boost the development of Kenya, can join the "Association of the Kenyan Diaspora in Belgium & Luxembourg".

The current Excecutive commitee members, as at September 2018, are;

  • Ruth Owino, President:  Ruth is a long-time resident of Brussels, Belgium. She is a founding member of the AKDBL and has previously served as an Executive Board member before her election to President of the association.
  • Mukami Namu, Secretary: Mukami Namu has been resident in Belgium for fifteen years. She is responsible for communications and administration for the association and is Co- chair of the Committee on Social and Cultural affairs.
  • Anne Oloo, Executive Board Member: Anne is a Kenyan residing in Brussels and first joined AKDBL in 2015. She is an Executive Board member and will be heading the Committee on Policy Development and Governance. She currently also serves as the interim Treasurer.
  • Veronica Mulwa, Executive Board Member: Veronica is a long-time resident of Belgium. She is a founding member of the AKDBL. She is an Executive Committee member and Co – chair of the Committee on Social and Cultural Affairs.
  • Edna Nyamoita Onsongo, Executive Board Member: Edna has been a resident in Belgium for the past 8 years. She is the chair of the Committee on Investment and Development.


  • portal for foreigners residing in Belgium
  • Are you looking for prenatal classes, post-natal support, play groups and social networks for young families?  Contact the Brussels Childbirth Trust, an English-speaking organization providing help and support to young families in Belgium.