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The Notice Board contains updates on consular regulations.

  • New passport fees (Jan. 2017)
    Note that passport application fees have changed.

  • Applications by appointment only (Nov. 2015)
    Henceforth, all applications for consular services are by appointment.
  • No more cash payments (May 2015)
    The Embassy no longer accepts cash payments.  Payments for consular services must be made by Bancontact (credit cards are not accepted).
  • ID card No. required for passport application (Jan. 2015)
    Passport applicants who are unable to provide a Kenyan ID card No. must submit a written explanation for the reason why and attach, if possible, documentary evidence.
  • Dual nationality (Aug. 2012)
    Check the "Citizenship" section of the website for more information.
  • Duplicate birth certificate (March 2011)
    The Department of Civil Registration has confirmed tht it will issue duplicate birth certificates upon request by the Belgian/Luxembourg authorities.  See the "Other consular services" section of the website for more information.
  • New visa regulations for Kenyan nationals travelling to Nigeria (March 2011)
    With effect from 18/04/11, holders of Kenyan passports travelling to Nigeria (business, tourism or visit) have the choice of obtaining a Nigerian visa at the High Commission in Nairobi or at the port of entry in the territory of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.  However, applications for employment/work/study (STR) and multiple entry visas can only be processed at a Nigerian diplomatic mission.
  • Passports no longer renewed (March 2009)
    Please note that five-year passports are no longer being renewed. Passports which expire after five years need to be replaced with a new ten-year passport.
  • Note for Kenyan nationals travelling to Libya
    Libya demands an Arabic translation of all foreign passports, and will deny access to foreigners without the translated passports. To that effect, the Kenyan Embassy in Libya procured a translation stamp specifically for Kenyan passports, and has facilitated the translation of passports for the Kenyan community in Libya. The embassy is, furthermore, willing to render the same service for emergency travel by Kenyans residing in Belgium/Luxembourg, on condition that the passport is forwarded in good time to the Kenyan Embassy in Libya through the Kenyan Embassy in Brussels. The passport will be returned to Brussels through the diplomatic bag.