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Kenyan nationals who wish to request any kind of attestation from the Embassy (see "Consular services officered to Kenyan citizens" below), need to present their original valid Kenyan passport and/or Kenyan ID card, and if possible also their original Kenyan birth certificate.  If the attestation is required by the Belgian/Luxembourg authorities, they also need to present an official request from these authorities.

The Embassy issues attestations in English only.

Issuance of attestations is gratis. 

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The Embassy wishes to point out to holders of a Kenyan birth certificate that they may apply for a duplicate birth certificate if the Belgian/Luxembourg authorities request one or insist that the birth certificate should not be more than 6 months old.

The Department of Civil Registration in Nairobi has confirmed that it will issue duplicate birth certificates upon request by the Belgian/Luxembourg authorities, even if the applicant still has an original birth certificate.  It does not restrict the number of duplicate birth certificates an applicant can apply for, and will issue duplicates regardless of whether the original is 6 months old or not. 

If the Belgian/Luxembourg authorities require the duplicate to be legalized, this will have to be done in Kenya (see "Practical Information" below).

For more information on the application procedure, see "Consular services offered to Kenyan citizens" below.

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When applying for a document that is issued by the authorities in Kenya (e.g. "Certificate of no Impediment to Marriage"), verify with the Belgian/Luxembourg authorities whether they require this document to be legalized.  If this is the case, you will need to have the document legalized by the Kenyan Foreign Affairs ministry ("Legal Division") and subsequently by the Belgian Embassy in Nairobi.  (This service is not provided by the Embassy in Brussels).

Check the "Notice Board" for updates on consular regulations.



Applications for consular services are by appointment only, by telephone or email the Visa/Consular Section.

Check the "About the Embassy" section of the website for information on opening hours (Visa/Consular section) and for a list of days when the Embassy is closed.


Payment modalities

Payment of consular services is by Bancontact only.  Credit cards are not accepted.

Please note that if you wish to apply for any of the documents mentioned herebelow through the post, the relevant fee is to be transferred into the Embassy's bank account, BE07 3100 5224 2266 (BIC: BBRUBEBB), mentioning the type of document you are applying for and your name. Proof of payment is to be included with the forwarded documents.  You are also required to include an explanatory note with your contact details.

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Issuance of attestation confirming Kenyan nationality

Upon presentation of an official request by the Belgian/Luxembourg authorities, and of an original valid Kenyan passport and/or Kenyan ID card. An original Kenyan birth certificate may be presented as further proof of identification. The service is free of charge.


Birth Certificate for children born abroad & duplicate of a (lost) Birth Certificate


"Certificate of Good Conduct"


"Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage", requirements for a Kenyan national wishing to marry a Belgian/Luxembourg national, & attestation regarding "Kenyan Marriage Act" ("Droit de coutume"/"Gewoonterecht")

  • Click here for more information about the application procedure
  • Download "application form"
  • Please note that the Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage cannot be issued in the case of same-sex marriages.


Duplicate Death Certificate & documentation for transportation of deceased Kenyans


Authentication & certified copies

of documents issued by the Kenyan authorities and intended for official use in Belgium/Luxembourg. 
The service is free of charge.



of documents issued by the Belgian/Luxembourg authorities and intended for official use in Kenya.  The fee is 15 € per document.  The process usually takes one working day.  The Kenyan Embassy can only legalize documents which have first been legalized by the Belgian/Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  (Please note that documents issued in a language other than English must be accompanied by an English translation provided by a certified translator.)
For information on the Belgian/Luxembourg legalization procedure, click on the links herebelow:


Assistance to Kenyans in distress

  • Issuance of an "Emergency certificate" (emergency travel document): click here for more information.
  • Kenyans under arrest, in detention & being deported: click here for more information.


Kenyan driving licence



The Embassy can provide attestations for various purposes, upon request by the Belgian/Luxembourg authorities and upon presentation of original valid Kenyan identification documents.  The service is free of charge.

They include the following:

  • confirming that a Kenyan passport and a Kenyan birth certificate were issued to the same person
  • confirming validity of Kenya Secondary School Certificate to start higher education in Belgium/Luxembourg