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Nationality of a child born abroad to a Kenyan parent

The Kenyan constitution states that "a person is a citizen by birth if on the day of the person’s birth, whether or not the person is born in Kenya, either the mother or father of the person is a citizen" (Art. 14.1).                        

Dual nationality

The constitution confers automatic recognition to persons holding citizenship of other countries as citizens of Kenya by birth, so long as they are able to prove parentage as mentioned above (e.g. national ID card, passport).

Kenyan citizens by birth who wish to hold citizenship of other countries which do not allow dual citizenship may voluntarily renounce, and would be entitled upon application to regain their Kenyan citizenship.

Kenyan citizens by birth who ceased to be citizens of Kenya by voluntarily acquiring the citizenship of other countries and renouncing the citizenship of Kenya in accordance with the repealed constitution, may regain citizenship upon application in the prescribed manner.

Persons who enjoyed dual citizenship but who by virtue of the repealed constitution renounced or lost their Kenyan citizenship upon attainment of the age of twenty three (23) years should automatically be deemed citizens by birth.

Dual citizens are required to disclose their other (non-Kenyan) citizenship within three months of becoming a dual citizen; failure to do so is an offence.

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Kenyan citizens who hold dual citizenship are exempt from visa requirement when travelling to Kenya using their non-Kenyan passport.

They may apply to have their non-Kenyan passport endorsed in this regard.  This endorsement may be done at any Kenyan embassy, at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport or at the Department of Immigration (Citizenship Section).

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Applicants wishing to regain/renounce their Kenyan citizenship, to disclose their dual citizenship or to have their non-Kenyan passport endorsed at the Kenyan embassy, must present themselves with their original passport/ID card/citizenship certificate, so that the embassy can verify authenticity.

Applicants must make an appointment.


Required documents

  • Click here for list of requirements to regain or renounce Kenyan citizenship.
  • Click here for list of requirements to disclose dual citizenship.
  • Click here for list of requirements to have a non-Kenyan passport endorsed.


Application Forms

Kindly print forms 5, 2 & 3 on both sides of the sheet(s) of paper.

  • Form 5: regaining of Kenyan citizenship
  • Form 15: renunciation of Kenyan citizenship
  • Form 2: disclosure of dual citizenship
  • Form 3: endorsement of non-Kenyan passport



Regaining citizenship
Renouncing citizenship
Endorsement of non-Kenyan passport

€ 45
€ 180
€ 5

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