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Kenya has a democratic government with political pluralism. In June 1963, Kenya attained internal self-government. On 12 December of the same year, independence was achieved with a complex Majimbo (federal) constitution, which conceded much autonomy to the regions. On the first anniversary of independence in 1964, Kenya became a Republic with Mzee Jomo Kenyatta as the President. Following his death on 22 August 1978, Vice-President Daniel arap Moi assumed the presidency in accordance with the Kenyan Constitution. In 2002, President Moi and the KANU party lost in a democratic election to President Mwai Kibaki and NARC (The National Rainbow Coalition). President Mwai Kibaki served for two terms up until 9 April 2013.

Kenya held its 11th General Elections on 4 March 2013. The Kenyan people peacefully chose His Excellency Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta to be the President of the Republic of Kenya, him having attained a total of 6,173,433 votes (50.07% of total votes cast) against his close challenger Hon. Raila Odinga. H.E. William Ruto was Mr. Kenyatta’s running mate in the elections, and is now the Deputy-President of the Republic of Kenya.

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